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Please feel free to access our Free Resource Library. If you have any questions, our Attorneys are available for consultation. Immigration law is a constantly changing legal field. Harlan York is the best lawyer in the field because of his knowledge and passion for staying up to date with trending legal challenges that could affect your case. Harlan’s Immigration Resource Library and Blog are filled with informative and practical advice, from getting a green card through marriage to detailed explanations of litigation, business immigration, citizenship, waivers and appeals.

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Stop Deportation

Stop Deportation

As of today about 1 Million immigrants await removal / deportation hearings. Many of those who are waiting sit in jails. 3 million immigrants were ‘removed’ by President Obama.  Of course, President Trump has made immigration a focus of his administration.

America deports many people who might be contributing members of our society. You could be deported for immigration violations, DUIs, illegal entry, or for a shoplifting conviction that happened over a decade previously – even if you have rehabilitated your life in the meantime.

Our legal team got together and outlined the seven best ways to deal with the threat of deportation and removal, and are sharing it with you for free! Why? Immigration law is very complicated, and proper information is the key. We want our clients, and others to understand what they are facing, and what they might have to apply for in order to remain in the country.

Getting a Green Card Through Marriage

Getting a Green Card Through Marriage

You have a handful of choices when seeking permanent residence in the United States. Family based immigration, statistically, has been shown to result in more green cards than any other category. Even so, over the last two decades of working as an immigration lawyer I have seen many people make mistakes when applying for their green card through marriage. Once mistakes are made in the process it can be very difficult to continue down this path.

Our lawyers at Harlan York and Associates have put together a guide to help you understand the process, rules, and what will be expected of you in the process of getting your green card through marriage…and more importantly outline the risks and pitfalls that are most commonly made.

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“To be happy and successful as a lawyer, find a path that you love, practice the best way you can, and work with compassion.” Harlan York.

Not just for law students or attorneys, Three Degrees of Law is for anyone who has ever questioned what they do, and wondered how they could improve not only their output but also their own sense of satisfaction.


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